Luxurious, handmade,
healthy soap made with the
help of a few goats at a small
mountain farm in
North Carolina.

Would you Like Notes from the Goats?


In The News

Our wonderful community newspaper, the Fairview Town Crier, wrote a three part series about goats in Fairview.  Farmer Jane Goat Milk Soap was featured in Part One. Here are some pictures that appear in the story.

First things first. The doe has to be milked at a milking stand, although she looks skeptical.  Lye added to frozen goat milk begins a chemical process which heats the milk. Coconut, olive and palm oils are brought to equal temperatures as the milk/lye blend.
The milk/lye blend is combined with the oil blend. Essential oils are added for fragrance and mixed with a hand blender.  Molly pours the soap into molds to cure.