Luxurious, handmade,
healthy soap made with the
help of a few goats at a small
mountain farm in
North Carolina.

Would you Like Notes from the Goats?



Bonnie the goatWhy are you called “Farmer Jane?”
It is a term that means a female farmer, so owners Sydney Green and Molly Hamilton are both Farmer Janes.

How is Farmer Jane Goat Milk Soap made?
The chore of daily milking must happen before we ever set in motion the chemical reaction that creates soap.   Milk from goats is naturally homogenized and doesn’t separate the way cow milk does. After milking, the product is immediately frozen, which prevents it from burning during the chemical process of soap making. The frozen milk is blended with a lye and water mixture so the high temperature of a lye-generated chemical reaction does not destroy the fragile nature of the milk.  Coconut oil and palm oil are heated, mixed with olive oil and then cooled to bring them to the same temperature as the milk/lye blend. Plant-based essential oils, along with castor oil to make the soap more moisturizing, are added and then the oils and soap/lye mix are combined and saponified (turned into soap by reaction with an alkali) using a hand blender. The creamy blend that results is poured into soap molds and cured at an even temperature.

Is lye safe?
It’s safe by the time the soap making process is finished.  Lye goes through a chemical reaction called saponification when it’s mixed with oils.  The reaction neutralizes the lye and creates soap.

If I have sensitive skin, can I use your soap?
All of our soap can be used on sensitive skin, but some essential oils can be irritating even though they are natural.  So we recommend our honey soap, in which no essential oils or fragrances have been added. It is wise to test a small area first to see how your skin reacts.

What soaps should I buy for specific skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, poison ivy and acne?
We can’t promise Farmer Jane Goat Milk Soap will cure your skin condition, but many people have found their skins issues disappear when using one of our soaps.  Honey, Honey Oatmeal and TLC are good bets for any of these skin problems.  We occasionally have a poison ivy soap called Itch Witch in the summer that contains jewelweed and marigold extractions.

What is the shelf life of Farmer Jane soap?
It is fresh for use for at least 12 months.

How much milk a day does a goat produce?
Most dairy goats produce two to four quarts per day.

When is kidding season?
After breeding, the doe is pregnant for about five months. She gives birth to one to three kids. During kidding season, which is April to June for us, we provide does with any help they might need giving birth or taking care of the kids. We start milking about two weeks after a doe has given birth.