Luxurious, handmade,
healthy soap made with the
help of a few goats at a small
mountain farm in
North Carolina.

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About Us

Farmer Jane Goat Milk Soap was established in 2008 by two Farmer Janes – Sydney Green and Molly Hamilton.  They came from different directions and met in the middle.

Molly HamiltonMolly, the product of a farm family that tried its best to discourage her from a life in agriculture, found a passion for sustainable and organic crop production anyway that she has sustained working in agriculture for North Carolina State University and as a gardener, a tender of goats and chickens, and a parent of three (soon four) in Fairview, NC, a few miles southeast of Asheville.  The goats entered the picture when Molly’s husband, William, became lactose intolerant and Molly sought an alternative to cow milk and a small farm adventure.  While her family does not drink much goat milk, they love goat cheeses and an endless supply of soap.

Sydney only knew suburban living for the first nearly 50 years of her life, but sustainability became increasingly important to her as she learned about the work of her husband Mike, an environmentalist and filmmaker, and her own Sydney Greencareer became centered on measuring the health of her community in Florida through community indicator studies.  When she and Mike – parents of two and grandparents of one -- felt the tug of living a simpler life, they headed for Fairview, too, finding a home near several wonderful family farms.  Sydney got it in her head that she wanted to make goat milk soap instead of going to meetings and writing reports, and she went to the famed John C. Campbell Folk School to learn the craft.  All that was missing was the goat milk.

Then Sydney met Molly, a near neighbor, and the rest is history.  Today they milk their three matriarchs -- Simone, Bonnie and Lucky -- by hand, enjoy the antics of the varying number of kids born each year, and make thousands of bars of healthy, naturally fragrant soap that are sold online.  The soap is made by hand, with a commitment to using plant-based oils and other natural ingredients, as well as earth-friendly packaging. 

In addition to selling our soap online, you can find it in natural food stores and farmer’s markets in Asheville and Buncombe County, North Carolina.